Electrical Service Calls – Greater Vancouver AreaElectrical Soup for the Homeowners Soul

Looking for an experienced electrician to handle your electrical service calls in Greater Vancouver? In this article, we go through everything you need to know about calling an electrician to help you out with your electrical problems and what to expect from the moment you pick up the phone to dial. 

When: 24hour Electrical Service

There is no perfect time, to call for electrical repairs, although in most cases the sooner the better, especially if there is a risk of fire due to shorting circuits.

No matter how small the electrical concern it should be dealt with as soon as possible. Left unchecked, the problem could become an imminent fire threat. If the issue is faulty wiring, it could damage appliances and other home equipment. At the very least, we need to consider increased utility costs as a result of poor grounding or a faulty electrical system or malfunctioning appliance.

Its smart to call an electrician to determine and reduce risk and prevent a small issue from becoming a major problem. Regardless of what area or city you live in, call a licensed electrician to solve your problem, PTX Electric is always available as we provide 24hrs service.

Timing: Is Closer Better?

To clarify, there are 2 types of electrical service calls, one for regular repair work or scheduled inspections and the other for emergency service. Timing and location can be important but thankfully most service calls are not emergencies. Emergency calls are usually made when there is a power outage or concern of fire. 

Power Outage. (Lights out no power.)

You smell smoke. (Burning heat smell of dust or plastic.)

The electrical panel. (Hot to touch, breaker, switch or outlets.)

Timing matters, as you may be aware to do work after hours can double the cost of service. When possible, please remember to schedule your work with PTX Electric in advance, as last-minute or emergency service can increase the cost considerably.

PTX is committed to responding within 4 hrs for emergency work within the GVA. Our office is conveniently located in Burnaby, and our service electricians are positioned geographically so we can provide prompt and effective service response times.

Why Call an Electrician for Help?

Faulty Wiring

One of the most common causes of fires in Vancouver homes is faulty electrical systems and wiring. The older your system is, the more likely faulty connections will exist.

Have you noticed any issue with the wiring on your electrical system?

The following conditions may indicate the need to inspect your system:

  • Breakers tripping regularly
  • Devices burning out quickly
  • Having to change bulbs frequently
  • Flickering lights
  • Plastic or rubber burning smell
  • Warm temperature around or on the surface of the electrical receptacle switch or panel cover.
  • Lights or devices dimming unexpectedly (If this is occurring, stop everything and call an electrical contractor!)

These are all serious indicators that something is wrong with your electrical system.

Which Electrician to Call?

Always use a certified and Licenced Electrical Company as this will ensure the repair work is completed quickly and safely.

PTX Electric Ltd. is the #1 Choice.

When you call an electrical company for help always request their hourly rate and ask if there are additional charges such as a vehicle or travel costs. Once you establish the basic cost for service, it’s always handy to get a rough estimate prior to commencing with the job. The rough estimate is just that, the actual cost will be based upon the time spent onsite and material used.

Generally, with most electrical service work there may be unknown components and the final cost could vary as a result. A PTX electrician/representative who answers your call will decide whether you require immediate assistance or not. If a service call is requested and dispatched to your residence after standard working hours, there may be an additional overtime cost.

If you’re not ready for that, ask him to schedule the work on regular hours if the concern is not urgent. This way, you have the choice of either accepting the additional cost or rescheduling. The cost of an emergency service call ranges from $90 to $130, excluding materials.

What is The Cost of an Electrical Service Call? Hourly vs. Project-Based

An hourly rate is the most common payment type in electrical service calls. It works best for smaller jobs that only take up an electrician’s time for a short period. The standard is to charge between $90 and $130 per hour, but larger projects may require longer hours and lead to higher charges.

The electrician will most likely give you an estimate of how long it’ll take to complete the job, but this is not set in stone. On the other hand, project-based fees are best suited for larger jobs that take more time to finish. This type of payment usually covers the cost of materials, travel time, and other expenses related to your project.

It may take longer due to unforeseen circumstances such as uncooperative weather, the need for additional parts and delays caused by the clients themselves. Some customers just don’t want to stick to their promised schedule, which forces the electrician to work late into the day and on weekends.

The best way of knowing how much your electrician will charge is by checking his previous jobs and learning about the average cost of similar jobs in your area. It sounds like a difficult task to do, but it’ll save you time in your search for the ideal electrician based on how much you’re willing to spend.

Installation and Electrical Upgrades

Upgrading the entire system is not your standard electrical service call. A typical upgrade could entail rewiring additional circuits, installing new electrical panels, exterior wiring using more heavy-duty or weatherproof materials such as metal conduits, BX, tec cable. The cost per hour will remain similar however the cost will be relative to the project design.

The cost of a major electrical project will depend upon the project parameters and design specifications. PTX Electric will provide you with a full scope off work and Budget to complete your project to code. (No Guess Work). Some electrical companies provide completed budget quotes which often includes inflated pricing. With PTX we offer a time and material process which ensures you only pay for the work completed, eliminating overcharging.

Prepare to pay $90 to $130 an hour for upgrade and installation projects. It is a BC code requirement to hire qualified electricians. This ensures the required project work they’re doing and will be performed correctly the first time.

PTX Electric specializes in Service and Projects so we are very familiar with the general day-to-day issues that can occur at your home or business, and we excel at quick response and reasonable rates.

Do Not Get Ripped Off by an Electrician

It is always advisable to discuss project costs ahead of time with your electrician. He will most likely give you his honest opinion about whether he can do it within your allocated budget. If you’re working within a tight budget, then tell us exactly how much you have allocated for your electrical project.

This gives you the chance to decide if you still want to have it done. You don’t want to pay for something you won’t be able to afford, so be direct about your limitations and know what’s important for your project.

Where you live shouldn’t play a significant role in determining the cost of a service call. Some vendors have been found to charge more to those who live in upscale homes/facilities or living within a gated community. PTX Electric has standard set rates for all our customers no matter where they live, this way everyone wins.

Contractors who charge unbelievably low rates are usually too good to be true and could indicate buyer beware. They could be an unlicensed trade or an electrician who is side-stepping BC code rules and TSA regulations. Always request proof of qualification, workman’s health and safety insurance and liability coverage

Reducing the Cost of an Electrical Service Call

For regular maintenance and inspection talk with your electrician about cost-saving solutions that will benefit you. Start by asking him to recommend options and then make your decision based on his professional assessment and recommendations. This way, we get a sale, and you get what you need and can afford.

It’s also a cost-saving to schedule your project outside of the peak season. Avoiding the peak (late summer or early fall) seasons will lower your cost since the demand for electricians usually spikes at that time of year. Instead, hire an electrician in (Dec-Jan) when fewer projects need to be completed.

Another option is to ask if he can offer you a discount for paying in full. It’s like getting paid early, lower the overall cost of your electrical service call. In the end, make smart choices that work for you to reduce frustrations and stress. Call PTX Electric and we will handle it for you.

Customer Service Expectations

When a service electrician enters your home, the expectation should be safety first. Does he have the proper tools and equipment to do the job? Secondly does ask the right questions and listen.

You can usually recognize a Professional electrician by their questions and approach regarding your problem at hand. The answers or responses should be easily understood and perceived as experienced and knowledgeable. Just like any doctor, they need to listen to the customer as they know what they are experiencing and how it is different than normal. The customer information provided usually leads the service tech right to the source of the problem which he can then diagnose and repair.

All our electricians and staff at PTX Electric are trained in customer service and we pride ourselves in a professional attitude and courteous approach.

What is An Electrical Warranty?

One thing that seems to be taboo in many professional arenas is, warranty. This is a question that needs to be asked when requesting work to be completed in your home. We al know that if we purchase something new it comes with a warranty. These warranties can be labour and material or material only. Electrical service work still carries a basic warranty of 30 days material and labour which only applies to the work completed and material supplied.

For example, if you had a faulty GFI replaced in a bathroom, and it fails within a 30day period it would be replaced, no charge. If the product fails after the 30day warranty period, the labour is not covered but the part is warrantied unless tampering or water damage is evident. Wiring a new house business project is much simpler it is a 1-year complete warranty. PTX Guarantee is customer satisfaction, and we pride ourselves on providing quality work and we honour our workmanship.


If you need an electrical service call, get in touch with PTX Electric today, our technicians are standing by, ready to serve you.

Remember we are different by Integrity which means you get exactly what you pay for. We do not overcharge, and we will not upsell you on anything you don’t need or want.