Electricians Support Property Managers

In this project analysis, we showcase how PTX Electric helped the property manager with detailed project oversight and timely electrical service.

This project was performed for a local property management company, Metropolitan Property Management located in Surrey.

While most property managers look at electricians as an expense, the following story will demonstrate how an electrical contractor can increase property value and even increase rent, property value and street appeal. New lighting fixtures, switches and outlets are relatively economical to install but they refresh the rental unit and make it safe.

We can also provide information on the latest government rebate options that can reduce hard cost while improving your facilities operation. Whether the work is interior or exterior there are many options to save money.

About Metropolitan Property Management

Metropolitan is a well-established property management company located in the Greater Vancouver area. It was founded in 2016 with partners across British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Phoenix, Arizona etc. Metropolitan is a well established organisation who is committed to customer care and support their local communities including several charities.

They Specialise In:

  • Property Management
  • Strata Management
  • Leasing services

Metropolitans BC head office borders Surrey and Langley but their client base covers Burnaby, Coquitlam, Cloverdale, and Delta. They are committed to client service through effective communication and support. Their quick response guarantee is a minimum 24hr callback time with a focus on customer service something PTX Electric Ltd. is passionate about.

The Electrical Problem

Metropolitan called PTX ELectric because they were having problems with lighting on the second floor of an office building. They couldn’t rent all the vacant units out because the old lighting kept failing and existing building tenants were complaining because of frequent power outages.

Over the years continued electrical issues plagued the property creating vacancies that resulted in subsidised rent. As they are not a non profit organisation, they needed someone to help correct the issues so they could lease the floor and increase revenue.


The building is approximately 80 years old and was rented as a restaurant for many years. Over time the space was converted to several other uses that included a performance arts studio, a community centre, a hotel, and last but not least converted into an office space.

How PTX Electric Helped

Over the last several years PTX Electric has developed a solid relationship with Metropolitan. We have completed projects on several of their properties proving our capabilities, we are always on time, meet schedules and on budget.

  1. The first thing we did was complete a power consumption assessment which we cost out. 
  2. They currently had 159 standard fluorescent T12 lighting fixtures on the second floor between units 201 and 209 and in the hallway.
  3. We advised that they would need to be replaced within the next two years as they were well beyond their lifecycle and could pose a fire hazard.
  4. Based on our design we applied with BC Hydro for a lighting rebate which totalled $4,300 in savings which reduced the overall project cost.
  5. Once we received budget approval we started the project upgrade which included removal of the old T12 fixtures wiring and the supply and install of the new 50w LED energy-efficient fixtures.
  6. To complete the project we had to open up some walls and ceiling space finding old and defective wiring systems and connections. In some areas aluminium wire had been used and it proved to be more cost effective to replace with new copper wire than make questionable copper to aluminium connections.
  7. Knowing the history and age of the building we started the project knowing that it would need some updates but we were surprised at the level of deterioration we found and potential risk of fire. Because of its age and multiple renovations over the years there were numerous junction boxes, exposed wires, loose connections and overloaded circuits to be corrected. We are pleased to say even with the many challenges to overcome we were able to revise all the deficiencies while maintaining the project schedule.
  8. Lastly, as part of the project budget we recommended a new astronomical lighting control system to automatically control the lighting system which when calculated had a relatively quick return on investment through reduced power consumption.


Metropolitan was extremely happy with the project results. They could now Lease out the remaining units at market value. In addition the effective lighting design and solutions provided by PTX Electric Ltd, reduced the annual electricity cost by $10,466.71 plus they received a cheque for $4,300 from the rebate. Our calculations proved that Metropolitan would pay back the entire project in under 2 years.