There’s no denying the danger associated with electricity; any job that requires fixing or installing electrical components must be performed by a professional.

While you can replace a bulb on your own, you’re better off hiring a Chilliwack electrician for the installation and repair of your electrical system. A qualified electrical contractor is trained to detect an issue in your system and avert a disaster. Dealing with the problem yourself could result in a fire or electrocution.

At best, your job as a property owner is to learn how to detect the signs of an electrical problem at home, i.e., flickering lights, hot outlet, and burning smell. Once you’ve noticed that something isn’t right, you immediately call the electrician.

But with a gazillion of them out there, how do you find the top local electrician in Chilliwack? Are there certain qualities that’ll make one stand out from the others?

It’s not a cakewalk, but you’ll eventually end up with the top electrician if you follow these steps:

Step 1 – Make a List

Before you start the search, list the things that you want to be done. This comes back to what we said earlier, whereas a homeowner, your job is to learn the signs of an issue in your electrical system. By figuring out the problem beforehand, you explain it to your prospects later.

Electricians have different fields of expertise and knowing the nature of the job gives you an idea on which skill to look for in them. Furthermore, understanding what needs fixing, replacement or installation means you get an idea on how much it’ll cost you through the estimate or quotation.

Step 2 – Seek Advice and Recommendations

It makes perfect sense to ask friends, co-workers, neighbours, and family for advice and suggestions when you need an electrician. It’s better than searching the web since you’re clueless about the prospects. An individual you trust wouldn’t recommend an electrician if he or she weren’t satisfied with the previous job. A friend or family member likely had some electrical work done in their property before, so it wouldn’t take long to get those suggestions.

Step 3 – Search Online

But you can’t hire an electrician based solely on a friend’s recommendation, especially if it’s a significant project like the installation of a new electrical system or the repair of faulty electrical wiring.

Do a Google search and find out as much background information as you can about your prospect. Figure out if they’re part of a local group of qualified electrical contractors. An electrical contractor with an online presence is a huge plus since you’ll see feedback and reviews from previous and existing customers. It’s important to look at their google views. You can check out our certified google reviews here

Step 4 – Make Some Calls

Grab that phone and start making calls. If you’ve got a long list, start with those who were highly recommended by your friends. The call shouldn’t take long but see to it that you ask the intangibles, i.e., how many years they’ve been in this business, license and insurance, type of work they do and if they’re willing to work on your preferred time or day.

Step 5 – Narrow Down Your List

The interview is a crucial part of the hiring process because it tells you a lot about the candidates. Some electricians in Vancouver and inexperienced, while others aren’t even licensed and insured. Moreover, the phone interview tells you a lot about the attitude and personality of the person. You want to work with someone with who you can trust. Come up with a shortlist of about three or four electricians.

Step 6 – Ask About Licensing and Insurance.

The electrician’s verbal commitment over the phone isn’t enough to convince you that they are licensed and insured. The next step is to demand proof of both. A licensed electrician means someone who’s certified by the Development and Building Services Center. Electricians need an electrical permit to perform work that goes beyond what is considered as minor alterations.

Hire an electrician who comes with liability insurance as it protects you and your property from the likelihood of damage and injury. The best option is the one with workers’ compensation insurance which covers the hospital bills in case of injuries happening while on the job.

Step 7 – Ask for References

The electrician who willingly gives references has nothing to hide. You know they’re confident of what their previous customers will say about them. So, anyone who refuses to provide those names should never even be on your list. You should call at least two previous clients and ask about the job that the electrician performed for them. Did it solve the problem, and was it finished on time? Don’t forget to ask if they were satisfied with the performance of the electrical contractor.

Step 8 – Get a Quote

The quote is the last thing to factor in before hiring the top Vancouver electrician. At this point, you’re torn between two (or three) electricians who checked all the right boxes. The problem is you only have to pick one. This is where the quote makes sense. The quote refers to the guaranteed price of the contractor. You ask them how much it’ll cost for the project to be completed.

Most people will go for the lowest estimate in a heartbeat. But as the adage says: you get what you pay for. Cheaper is not necessarily better – go for what is reasonable instead.