Fixing electrical circuits – or any electrical problems for that matter – in your Chilliwack home is probably not your forte. As a DIYer, there are limits as to what you can do. You might be able to install a plumbing fixture, replace the old kitchen tiles, or even install a new door lock.

But when the job involves electricity, that’s when you want to call in a professional. Electrical work is for licensed electricians; taking on faulty wiring and other issues may result in electrocution, shock, or fire.

So, DIY electrical work is out of the question. If you notice something wrong with your electrical system, the logical response is to call an electrician. But with many local electrical contractors in Chilliwack, it’s hard to tell which ones to hire. You can’t pick anyone randomly, especially when you’re giving them access to your home. Here’s how you’ll find a reputable local electrician:

Ask for recommendations for a Chilliwack Electrician

Nothing beats word of mouth if you need information about electricians based in Chilliwack. Start with your friends, neighbours, co-workers, and family. They wouldn’t give a name if they had an unpleasant experience with a contractor. If you don’t get any, ask for recommendations from builders and general contractors. They work with electricians all the time, so you expect to get a couple of prospects from them.

Learn About the Electrician’s Expertise

No two electricians are the same; some specialize in multiple fields, while others are limited to residential service calls. See that you choose an electrician who has the experience of handling a similar issue you’re facing right now.

If it’s for new home construction, ask your prospects if they’ve worked on a similar project before. Consequently, don’t hire someone who works exclusively on residential electrical systems when you need help for your commercial building.

Ask If They Are Licensed

Electricians in Chilliwack are bound by law to acquire a license before they’re allowed to charge for their services. You can work with unlicensed electricians or a handyman if you want but temper your expectations. The scariest part of hiring an unlicensed electrician is that they usually don’t have liability insurance.

So, you’re likely to be liable if the work leads to property damage and injury. The reasoning behind working with a licensed contractor is you’re assured of letting someone in your property which has proper training, liability insurance, and worker’s compensation protection.

Get References in Chilliwack

You’ll need the contact details of people who’ve hired and worked with the electrician you’re about to hire. The idea is to ask if they were satisfied (or dissatisfied) with the performance. Ask them straight if they recommend the electrical contractor or not. If possible, go into the details, i.e., timeliness of the work, the electrician’s attitude, an accurate and reasonable estimate, and others.

Look for previous complaints

Whether you’re planning to hire an electrical company or a local electrician in Chilliwack, they most likely have a website or social media presence. Use this to your advantage and scour the web for customer feedback and testimonies.

Search the business name using the Better Business Bureau to see the complaint history. This sounds like an added burden for a homeowner who’s merely trying to hire someone to figure out what causes the circuit breaker’s frequent tripping. Nonetheless, it’s a necessary step in finding a reputable electrician. You surely don’t want to hire someone with a history of ripping clients off.

Narrow Down your list to about Three Candidates

If you started with five or six prospects on your list, you should be able to narrow it down to about three at this point. Remove those who refuse to show proof of a license and insurance, as well as those who have multiple negative reviews and bad rep online. You can’t start with the extended phone interviews and ask for an estimate without narrowing down your list.

Ask for an Estimate

The unique thing about electrical repair and maintenance projects is that the estimate is always a guaranteed price. You expect the quote to be an accurate depiction of what you’re paying once the job is completed.

Some home improvement projects have unexpected costs down the road, but the cost of fixing, installing, or maintaining your electrical system is easier to figure out. So, after a visit to your home or an extended conversation over the phone, a reputable electrician should tell you how much they’re going to charge for the work.

Stay away from a contractor who hands out an estimate without even asking for the details of the job; avoid an electrician who offers an extremely low bid because they’re likely going to charge you more later.

No matter how small the job is, don’t go for the cheapest bid. Electrical work is no cakewalk; the last thing you want is to put your family and home at risk because of a botched job by an unqualified electrician. Follow these steps in finding a reputable electrical contractor in Chilliwack, and you’ll be fine.