In this blog post, we’ll review 8 ways Electricians can increase your Coquitlam property value.


When it comes to increasing your property value, you need to perform regular maintenance work to your home or facilities operating systems.

Similar to the body there are key operating systems that keep the lights on per say, like the heart. The electrical system in your home or facility is the heart of your home because without it nothing will function, no lights no heat.

Many property owners only consider the paint and paper side of things like furniture and aesthetics. While these items are very important, key operating components of a home can be overlooked or neglected. 

When electrical work is done in your home it is essential you hire a Licensed Electrician certified to work in your municipality. BC code requires a permit be issued prior to any electrical work commencing. Work completed without a permit means the work was not inspected and could be unsafe. Proof of electrical permit is requested at the time of closing and may possibly delay the sale until proof of permit is verified.

Fundamental Building Components

Other than a building structure being weatherproof and dry, this blog focuses on the Electrical distribution system that is integral to a home or facility. Normally the roof, windows, doors and furnaces are usually maintained as they are very visual component of the structure and fail they are usually addressed readily, unlike the Electrical Service.

Purchaser Wants and Needs

There is nothing more comforting to a purchaser if he sees that the Electrical system has been maintained, upgraded and safe. In today’s world potential home / property purchasers are concerned with the size of the electrical system, is it large enough to  add a hot tub, pool or a car charge system etc?

List of Possible Electrical Improvements

1.   Light Fixtures

Installing new light fixtures can modernise your property and make it look like new. When purchasing new re[lacement light fixtures convert to LED and save money.

Pot lights are the craze right now and they can easily be installed and economically. Pot lights are flexible and help eliminate dark spots, especially in the kitchen. PTX Electric can provide you with the best option for your home, while keeping costs down.

Exterior building ambiance and landscape lighting can dress up your property and make it look fantastic.The options are unlimited and will brighten your prospect for a quick sale

2.   Outlets and Switches

New decor Plugs and Switches should be installed and will definitely make your property appear fresh and modern. There are often many hidden defects that are exposed when changing out these electrical parts so it’s not only for appearance but it can reduce insurance cost and be safer.

While changing the light switches and outlets you may want to add new additional plugs, switches, dimmers or timmers, now’s the time to do it. Eliminate those dangerous extension cords.

3.   Fire Safety Devices

Do you have older fire alarm devices? Did you know that If the alarms are over 10 years old they need to be replaced. Smoke Alarms are simple to replace however codes have changed and may require sound voice warning options. PTX can make this change by simply installing a multifunction device quickly and within your budget.

4.   Aluminium Wiring

Dealing with an aluminium wiring issue can be handled in 2 ways.

Total replacement is more expensive and will vary if you have a bungalow or two storey house. Total replacement is the ultimate resolution however proper maintenance and installation of switches and outlets designed for Aluminum wire is a very good approach. There are several ways to make aluminium wire safe and it is still found in many properties in Coquitlam and Vancouver GVA.

If a prospective buyer understands you have taken these appropriate steps and precautions it should not depreciate your property value.

5.   GFCI Receptacles installed

Replacing the GFCI receptacles both on the inside and outside your house will make it look fresh and modern. New electrical GFCI’s come with a green indicator light which indicates it’s on. No guesswork.

6.   Arc Fault and child safety receptacles

Replacing or installing new Arc Fault receptacles and child safety outlet devices in your house is a smart move. Once again it can convince the purchaser that the property is up to code, plus it looks new.  These devices can be upgraded simply while installing new switches and outlets.

7.   Smart Thermostat

Installing a new style Smart Thermostats look sharp and provide energy savings too. Some of the Smart Stats have WIFI capability which allows you to tell the temperature of your home when away and allow to raise or lower the temperature as you wish. The coolest option is it lets you know when there is a heating or cooling problem so you can call for help before damages can occur.

8.   Kitchen and Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Ventilation is another important aspect in a home all season long both winter and summer. If you have an older type ceiling fan it may be discoloured or noisy so we recommend you replace it with a new fan or light fixture.

Secondly the exhaust fan over your stove is a relatively easy install so if it’s rusted or making noise replace it with a new unit it will easily increase property value.

Similarly bathroom exhaust fans may also be aged in appearance and can get quite noisy.  We recommend you replace the exhaust fan with a new medium grade unit, it will improve operation, reduce noise and improve visual appearance.

9.   Main Electrical Service Panel

As described in the prologue the electrical panel performs like the circulatory system of a human body for the property. It decides where the electricity should go and from which wire.

The electrical Panel inspection will determine if it should be replaced. There are several things our trained electricians look for:

  1. Amperage Size of the panel
  2. Overloaded panel
  3. Missing Grounding
  4. Breakers overheating
  5. Overheated wires
  6. Aluminium to copper wiring
  7. Obsolete panel or breaker system

If you want to know more about upgrading your electrical panel please read Should You Upgrade Your Electrical Panel


Please remember to always hire a licensed Electrical Contractor who is qualified to work in your municipality. If they are refusing or telling you you don’t need a permit  it is likely they are not licensed or approved to work in your city or municipality. Electrical permits are required by law and it is the only way we can protect the customer against hiring unqualified trades.

When you sell your home you want to get what it’s worth. Let us at PTX Electric Ltd assist you with your property sale and help you make it the best experience of your life.