In this post, we’ll give you 9 tips on how to save on electricity during the holidays.

The holiday season brings with it happiness as we enjoy Christmas with our loved ones, family, and friends. However, notwithstanding the joyous atmosphere, it also brings about a lot of expenses, particularly a higher electric bill.

You don’t want to stress yourself the idea of spending more – after all, it’s the time of the year where everyone seems a bit more generous than usual. Anyhow, there are ways to save electricity without affecting how you celebrate the holidays.

1 – Put Timers on Your Lights.

Lights and decorations dominate the neighbourhood as December kicks in. But you don’t have to be extravagant to show the spirit of Christmas. Putting up a couple of LED lights should do.

There’s no need to buy and use expensive Christmas lights when you’re bent on saving electricity during the holidays. LED lights are more expensive initially, but they last longer. So it’s not all cash-saving, but it reduces the amount of electricity you consume.

One way to save on electricity is to put timers on your lights so they go on when it’s dark and turn off when it’s light out. That way you don’t have to constantly worry about turning them on and off again.

Pro Tip: Put lights up in your window or near your roofline to create an appealing effect without using hundreds of bulbs and wasting too much energy.

2 – Use LED-powered Yard Decorations.

Leave out the plastic Santa Claus and elf statues because they only add weight to your bill – literally. They’re huge energy hogs, which suck up electricity like thirsty vampires.

Instead of the usual lighted ornaments on your lawn, buy some LED-powered yard decorations instead. You’ll save on electricity since they only need the sun to light up.

Although this doesn’t concern your electricity use, you can still save money by using old LED lights and decors instead of buying new ones this year. This is because LED lights last for several years.

Pro Tip: Or you can try solarYou’d be surprised at the variety of solar-powered outdoor Christmas decors out there. But be sure to choose those that are durable and can stand harsh weather conditions. You don’t want to end up wasting money on a flimsy decoration.

3 – Minimize the Use of Electric Heaters and Stoves.

A lot of people make it a tradition to feast on tons of food and desserts during Christmas. Some even have their own small kitchen set up so that they can create their holiday magic in the middle of winter. However, while cooking is fun, you should be more mindful of how much electricity your kitchen appliances consume.

Electric heaters and stoves are major energy drains, especially on Christmas day when everyone has their oven on all afternoon. However, you can still cook without using these appliances by using the stovetop instead of the oven.

Pro Tip: Why not eat out during Christmas? There’s nothing wrong with it, and you get to use your time bonding with family and friends instead of preoccupying yourself in the kitchen.

4 – Turn off Christmas lights when you go to Sleep or Leave the House.

Christmas lights are fun and all, but you should turn them off when you’re not using them. Leaving the lights on overnight or while you’re out of the house is a major waste of energy.

Pro Tip: You don’t have to unplug your Christmas lights; just turn them off. Consider using a power bar to cut off the electricity.

5 -Minimize Oven Usage During Family Gatherings.

Cooking is still inevitable at holiday dinners, but you don’t have to sacrifice your energy bill to make festive meals for the whole family. Instead of heating the oven, opt for other ways to cook everyone’s favourite dishes. The oven consumes a lot of energy, so you’ll save on your energy bill while cooking for big groups if you decide not to use it.

Pro Tip: There are a lot of delicious, easy-to-prepare holiday recipes out there that you can cook using just your stovetop or a small microwave oven. You can also try grilling outside if the weather and outdoor temperature permit.

6 – Turn the Thermostat down for Gatherings or Parties.

You want your guests to feel welcome and stay warm at the same time. But you don’t have to push your thermostat to the limits so that everyone can be comfortable inside. When hosting big holiday dinners, set the temperature on a lower setting so you won’t experience a huge spike in your electricity bill afterwards. After all, there are enough warm bodies inside your house to keep the rooms nice and cozy.

Pro Tip: You can always ask your guests to dress up warmly for the occasion. This way, you can set your thermostat to a cooler setting.

7 – Use a smart power strip for your electronics when taking on an extended break.

Many people are guilty of leaving their computer, television, or other electric appliances on even though they know they will not use them for days. Called a “phantom load,” just because your devices are turned off doesn’t mean that they’re not still hogging energy.

Use a smart power strip to completely cut it off from the source of electricity so you can save even more money on your electric bill, especially when you’re out of town for several days.

Pro Tip: Smart power strips are bought in any hardware or home improvement store for a very reasonable price, and they’re usually discounted during the holidays. They’re easy to use, and they will come in handy when you know you won’t need electricity from your appliances for a while.

8 – Consider gifts that use alternative energy.

If you want to make a lasting impression in Christmas gift-giving, consider giving items that run on alternative energy instead of the usual stuff. Of course, this won’t help you save electricity, but you at least help others realize the essence of energy conservation.

If you’re clueless about what to wrap, how about solar-powered flashlights, power banks, and batteries? If not, send your loved ones some stuff that’ll keep them warm for the rest of the winter without cranking the heater up, i.e., sofa blankets and sweaters.

Pro Tip: The idea here is to promote energy efficiency, so it’s good to spread awareness by offering gifts to encourage others to conserve energy.

9 – Equip your home with smart tech right before the winter.

There are a lot of smart home devices available that will help you manage and control energy consumption even more efficiently. Smart thermostats, for example, easily adapt to your daily routine without having to make manual adjustments now and then. You’ll thank yourself come Christmas when you don’t have to worry about manually adjusting the thermostat to make your guests feel comfortable inside your home – the smart device will do it for you.

Pro Tip: You don’t have to break the bank to give your home a Christmas makeover. Programmable thermostats and other smart tech products can be purchased at discounted prices online if you know where to look.

Christmas is that time of the year when we forget about frugality, at least for a while; yet, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be sensible in using electricity. Who wouldn’t want to save hundreds of dollars on their electric bill?

The holidays may be synonymous with increased energy use, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up on your money-saving goals. On the contrary, with just a few simple changes, you keep the spirit of Christmas and still save on energy use at the same time. Just take note of these suggestions, and you’re all set.